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The "Wolfhounds"

32nd Tactical Fighter Squadron, group photo 1991. Can anybody help with identifying the unknown persons on the Photo? Contact the webmaster on eagle@skytrailer.com

front row from right

Coy "Elbee" Briant, unknown, Brian "Stitch" Simpler, Lawrence "Grinder"Otto, Mark "Louder" Henkel, unknown, Rich "Shark" Jones, John Graham, Jr., Gerald Christianson, Col. Fred "Taco" Bell,Col Pabruka, unknown,Donald "Muddy" Watrous

2nd row from right

TSgt Sanchez, unknown, unknown, unknown, Tim "Spanky" Spangler, Gary "Dusty" Rhoades, unknown, Chris "Toper" Tope, unknown, Airman Alex Valderez, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown,unknown

Back row from right

unknown, unknown, Dave "Ghost" Wilcox, Craig "Blaster" Jones, Matt "Boz" Beals, Stu "Fuzzy" Hacker, unknown, LtC "Slammin" Therian , Col Doug "Disco" Dildy, A1C Michelle Schlump,unknown, SRA Troy C. Clostio, Capt Robert Conant- weather officer

Identified by Vance E. Hoyt & SRA Troy C. Clostio.

The 32nd TFS came to the Netherlands (Soesterberg AB) in the early 50's. Soesterberg AB was under Royal Netherlands Air Force control, therefore the 32nd TFS was the only American Squadron that was under the command of a foreign nation. The role of the 32nd TFS was to guard the West-European air space which stretched right up to the Iron Curtain.

The 32nd won many awards while stationed at Soesterberg AB. They had the the honor of being the only squadron in the USAF that won the prestige Hughes Trophy during two consecutive years, in 1979 and 1980. In 1984 the 32nd participated in the William Tell competition at Tyndall AFB, at this competition the Wolfhounds won the F-15 Top Gun trophy.

The 32nd TFS transitioned from the F-4E Phantom to the  F-15A Eagle, in 1979. The Wolfhounds operated the A & B models till 1983 when the 32nd received the new C & D models. Officially, a total of 24 fighters were on strength, including a few two-seater F-15Ds, but at their peak strength, they had an extra 6 aircraft.

FRONT ROW...kneeling. left to right as you look at it Rlick Eplett, Goat Engelmyer, Gomer, TJ Klungseth, Kraze Kroese, Dick Giblin (CS???), Ripper Parsons, Yogi Allen, Anne Sevinga and Cor Damen

2nd ROW...bent over; Mud Allee, Chooch Trahan, Clone Fiore, Flex McKinnon, Bush Carlson, Koz Koziol, Flash Mangan, Flick Flickinger, Jive Kerby, Scout Winebrenner, Heater Lange, Unknown

3rd ROW...standing;Snapper Bledsoe, Spike HAferman, Otis Knight, Rebel Branch, Bones Shugg,Turk Hess, Finny Finnegan, Vern Kent, Bogey Cummings, Mark (CS ??) Lee, Rocky Breier, Nitti Gritti, Mo Morrison, Snuffy Smith and Spock Tichenor

Identified by Mike "GOAT" Engelmeyer, Photo donated by Marc Cummings Can anybody help with identifying the unknown persons on the Photo? Contact the webmaster on eagle@skytrailer.com

On the 4th of July 1989, the Wolfhounds were gathered at the base for the celebration of the  Independence Day. Suddenly the call came that the 32nd's alert fighters were to be scrambled (Alpha Scramble) and intercept a MiG-23 that had crossed the West-German border and was headed toward the Netherlands.

The F-15s were able to intercept the MiG just before it crossed the Dutch Border. They discovered that there was no pilot aboard, and that the ejection seat was missing. Apparently the pilot had discovered a problem with the jet over Eastern-Germany and decided to bail out leaving the airplane flying on it's course. They escorted the MiG as it flew over the southern part of the Netherlands and started to loose altitude as it ran out of fuel crashing somewhere in Belgium.

32nd Tactical Fighter Squadron, group photo  during the command change of Mike 'Goat" Engelmeyer. Can anybody help with identifying the unknown persons on the Photo? Contact the webmaster on eagle@skytrailer.com Photo donated by Anne Sevinga.

Front row left  to right, John “Sus” Susalla, Lee “Slim” Lesher, Mark “Merc” Morris, Tim Warren, Bill “ Jake” Herron, Col Wilbrink – Mark “Bogey” Cummings,

Back Row Left to right – John “Hoss” Kindred , Tom “Yogi” Allen, rob “Minnow” Williamson, JD Martin, Eddie “rebel” Branch, Goat, unknown Joe “Skull” Canizzo, unknown, Nick “nitti” Gritti, john “Jazz” Jannazo, Jeff “Snake” Hardin, Lee “LA” Anderson, Don “Muddy” Watrous (1 kill in Desert Storm), Roman “Rambo” Hrycaj

On August 1st 1990, Iraq invaded Kuwait. As a result Saudi Arabia wanted to boost its air defense capability fast. An agreement was made with the USAF to deliver 24 F-15s. These had to be retrieved from active units. One of them was the 32nd TFS.

In September of 1990 the first F-15s started leaving towards Saudi Arabia, the 32nd TFS lost 12 of it's F-15s. Along with 12 F-15s of the 36th TFW Bitburg, Germany.

After the first night of operation Desert Storm 5 F-15s and their crew deployed to Incirlik AB to participate in the Air Campaign. During this deployment the 32nd TFS scored their first aerial victory. On the 29th of January Capt. Donald Watrous shot down a Mirage F1.

32nd Tactical Fighter Squadron, deployed at Incirlik AB 1991. Can anybody help with identifying the unknown persons on the Photo? Contact the webmaster on eagle@skytrailer.com. Photo donated by Marc Cummings

After the Gulf War, the 32nd TFS returned to the Netherlands. They transitioned to the F-15A MSIP(Multi Stage Improvement Program) models. These airframes were much older than the C models they flew, but had been upgraded with better radar and avionics, and were of the same standard as late production C-models. Some of these new "old" aircraft had been stationed at Soesterberg before, as brand new F-15As back in 1979.

Maj. Larry Guarino nov 1981In 1993 it was decided that a number of bases in Europe needed to be closed, as a result of defense cutbacks. In addition, several units would be deactivated, and their planes sent back to the US. Unfortunately, the 32nd FS was one of these. During the fall of 1993, all the F-15's from the 32nd transitioned to the 101 FS, stationed at Otis AFB Massachusetts.

On the 13th of January 1994, the last three F-15 Eagles left took off from Soesterberg for the last time and headed out to Otis AFB. They were escorted by a couple of F-16s of the Dutch Air

Capt. Guarino posing at the Zulu Barn, photo donated by Rick Versteeg

Force, and a fly-by was conducted in honor of this great unit, that helped defend the Netherlands for 40 years!

Some personal photos donated by Anne Sevinga from the Dutch/American Friendship Alliance

Capt. Mark "Bogey" Cummings and Lt. Col. Eddie "Rebel" Branch photo donated by Anne Sevinga

General Robin Olds visiting the 32nd TFS talking shop with three Eagle Drivers, the fist on the left is John Janazzo, photo donated by Anne Sevinga

General Robin Olds visiting the 32nd TFS talking with Lt. Col. Mike Francisco, unknown, unknown, photo donated by Anne Sevinga

Eric "Buster" Brown and his wife Cindy Brown, photo donated by Anne Sevinga

J.D. Martin photo donated by Anne Sevinga

Unknown, going away party Jim Flickinger, photo donated by Anne Sevinga

Going away party from left to right, Anne Sevinga, Jim Flickinger and Cor Damen photo donated by Anne Sevinga

Outside the Officers Club at CNA, from left to right, unknown, unknown, John Susalla, Mark Cummings photo donated by Anne Sevinga


Lee anderson, unknown crew trans back to the Squadron, photo donated by Anne Sevinga

Going away party TJ Klungseth, Tom Allen, unknown and  Mike Haferman, photo donated by Anne Sevinga

George "Tattoo" Ciss with company at the O'Club, photo donated by Anne Sevinga

Bee Boop and LA, photo donated by Anne Sevinga

Capt Mark "Bogey:" Cummings, photo donated by Anne Sevinga

McDonnell Douglas Eagle of the 32d Tactical Fighter Group, serial 81-049, crashed in 1989 before the coast of Scotland (U.S. Air Force photo)

McDonnell Douglas Eagles of the 32d Tactical Fighter Group, serials 79-015, 019, 026 and 027. When the 32d TFG was deactivated in 1994, these aircraft were sold to the Royal Saudi Air Force (U.S. Air Force photo)

Dave Carlson, Charlie Shugg, Gomer, TJ Klungseth. Photo donated by Anne Sevinga

"Goat" & "Yoda". Photo donated by Marc Cummings

A F-15C from the 32nd TFS returns to Decimomannu AB  in Sardiniaafter a training mission on the ACMI range off the west coast of the Island. Photo donated by Bill Minich

Three F-15s in fingertip returning to Soesterberg AB from their  Decimomannu AB deployment. Photo donated by Bill Minich.

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