Check 6 Foundation

I recently came in contact with Rob Balzano and the Check-6 Foundation. This is such a great group and initiative I would like to ask you to take a few minutes to read this, watch the video to get a good idea of what the Check 6 foundation is all about. And after that, visit their great website.

In 2005, Lt Col Rob Balzano became involved with the Pilot for a Day (P4D) Program at Andrews Air Force Base. Since that time, he has coordinated numerous events in support of this great program. What began as a small gathering and fundraising event (for the P4D Program) of family and friends for the bi-annual Air Force vs Navy Football Game Tailgate, quickly grew into The Check-6 Foundation. To date, the foundation has donated thousands of dollars to the Pilot for a Day program, seriously ill children, military veterans, and local families in need of financial help.

Check 6 Foundation Mission Statement

Check 6’s mission is to provide aid, assistance, experiences, purpose, inspiration and hope to children battling serious medical conditions and military veterans in need.

Vision Statement

One day, every child battling a serious medical condition and every military veteran in need will have a WINGMAN who HAS THEIR BACK.

What Does “Check-6” Mean?

The Check-6 Foundation is named after, and based upon an aviator’s practice of checking his wingman’s 6 o’clock position (directly behind him) to ensure it is clear of any threat. Simply put, a concept of “I’ve got your back and am looking out for you”.

Please support our veterans and children. It is through your generosity that Check 6 is able to continue their mission and make a difference in the lives of these heroes.

Donate!! click on this link: