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The 101st Fighter Squadron was stationed at Otis ANG, Massachusetts. The 10st received their first F-15A/B’s in 1987 replacing the F-106A’s. The 101st was designated as an Fighter Interceptor Unit back then.


The 101st ’s conversion to the F-15 marked the first Air National Guard air defence unit to receive the Eagle. The 101st Fighter Interceptor Squadron was redesignated the 101st Fighter Squadron in April 1992. Examples of the squadron’s ability to function worldwide include a 1992 deployment of eight pilots, five F-15 Eagles, and 48 maintenance and security personnel, who deployed for five days to Canadian Forces Base, Goose Bay, Labrador, Canada. Another is the humanitarian deployment of 50 personnel from the 102nd Civil Engineering Squadron under field conditions, to the island of Eleuthera in the Bahamas in July 1993 to rebuild school buildings and municipal facilities damaged by Hurricane Andrew in 1992.

More recently, in the years 1991 through 1995 the wing deployed to Panama as part of Coronet Nighthawk, a drug interdiction operation. From 1995-1998 the wing deployed to Iceland for 45 days of air defense duty. During 1998 Otis Guard members both trained for and performed real-world contingency assignments in Iceland, Canada, Korea, and Europe. In 1999 the wing participated in Operation Northern Watch when it deployed with its F-15 Eagle aircraft to Turkey to patrol and enforce the no-fly zone north of the 36th parallel in northern Iraq.

The wing again deployed more than 350 personnel to the Middle East and Europe in 2000 to participate in Operation Southern Watch.

F_15A_72 F_15C_78 F_15C_73

The BRAC 2005. Beginning in 2007 the 101st FS began transitioning it’s F-15s tot the 104 FW as decided under the BRAC 2005. With the grounding of the F-15 Eagles, the 158th Fighter Wing,  temporarily took over the role of patrolling the Northeast’s skies. This interruption of the F-15’s flight, coinciding with the transitioning of the fighter jets to the 104th Fighter Wing, created some issues. The move was originally scheduled to be completed at the end of January, but the grounding of the F-15’s in late 2007 and early 2008 delayed this move to the end of February.

On January 24, 2008, the 101st Fighter Squadron flew its last patrol mission. The unit’s wing commander, Colonel Anthony Schiavi, led the flight, accompanied by Major Daniel Nash, who was one of the first responders for 9/11. Fire trucks were on hand when the team landed a half-hour later, giving the planes and the pilots the customary ceremonial hose-down for the last time.

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