The 43rd Tactical Fighter Squadron was stationed at Elmendorf AFB, Alaska providing top-cover for North America. One TAC, USAFE and PACAF were fully operational with the F-15, the Alaskan Air Command started to convert to the F-15 Eagle. The first unit to convert was the 43rd Tactical Fighter Squadron, stationed at Elmendorf AFB on the “Northern Frontier”. On March 1st 1982, the first Eagle arrived at Elmendorf AFB, marking the start of an Eagle Era. The first models received were FY74 models previously operated by the Eagle Drivers of Langley AFB. Within 6 months the 43rd TFS was fully operational at Elmendorf AFB and it’s two alert stations at Galena and King Salmon Air Force Station, keeping america safe for possible “Bear” Attacks. In November 1982 the first TU-95 bear was intercepted and the 43rd made it clear it was a force to be dealt with. For several years the 43rd TFS was solely responsible for Top Cover over Northern America until she was joined by the 54th TFS “Leopards” in 1987.

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